Sonora Grill is proud to be offering Coca Cola of Mexico. Even if we weren’t a Mexican restaurant, we’d still be excited because Mexican Coke is made with real sugar.¬†Oh yeah, and we like drinking out of glass bottles.

Since the late 20th century, The United States has been using high-fructose corn syrup in its recipe. Compare the two and you will find that Mexican Coke has a clean, lighter taste to it, while U.S. Coke tastes a bit heavier.

It must be good. Mexico consumes more Coca Cola, per capita, than any other country.

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sara L

So, THAT’S it! I’ve always wondered what made it taste so much better. I thought it was just in my head since all I knew is that the bottle was glass and that seemed to make it taste better, but that didn’t make sense. That is all the more reason to like it now – the sugar does make the difference. I never thought I’d be saying that real sugar is “good”, but it sure does taste better. I’ll be in!

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